When thinking of poppy seeds, I think of the red poppy flower.  Which is right, because that is where they come from.  Have you heard that the seeds is what they make Opium from? Well, that is not entirely true; although there is a tiny bit of opiate in the seed.  Opium is not madeContinue reading “MARCH 30, 2018 – POPPY SEEDS”

MARCH 21, 2018 – PARSLEY

Parsley history, folklore and early medicinal uses include connections to death & poison.  Much of the folklore surrounding parsley can be probably attributed to a look-alike plant called fool’s parsley that is actually deadly.  Fools parsley contains poisonous alkaloids and even a small amount can lead to serious poisoning, and a larger amount can be fatal. CommonContinue reading “MARCH 21, 2018 – PARSLEY”