Paprika is one of those items that is always in a spice cabinet. It has many uses; it can be used to season a dish, to decorate and beautify a plate, and of course to add color to a meal — or to even dye eggs and cloth!!


People often confuse Paprika and Chili Powder.  Paprika and chili powder differ the most in the source pepper that is used to make each of them.  Paprika powder, it is sourced by very specific peppers found in paprika-producing countries such as Spain and Hungary.

I have been to Hungary, and it is really cool to see all of the peppers lining the market street.



Paprika varieties have a mild taste, but there are also smoked and spicy paprikas as well.

I think I need to make myself some Goulash or Chicken Paprika this week.

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