It’s BACON!!!!

Taste: Salty
Cooking Techniques: Broil, Roast or Sauté
Origin: Dating back to 12th Centuery Europe

Bacon is typically prepared from the belly of the pig, but can also come from the back; which has less fat.  There are other types of “bacon”, such as beef, chicken or turkey.  Macon is Mutton that is cured like bacon and Fakon is made from tofu or tempeh. Those are just meats pretending to be bacon, not the real thing!!!

Salt Pork is similar to bacon, but isn’t smoked just salt cured; so it has a much saltier flavor.

Pancetta is an Italian form of Bacon, from the side of the pig, rolled up after curing and has a stronger flavor.

Back Bacon comes from the middle of the back of the pig and is mostly eaten in Ireland and the UK, and is also known as Canadian Bacon.

Middle Bacon comes from the side as well as the back.  This is eaten in Australia, New Zealand.

I think I am going to make bacon-wrapped chicken for dinner. YUM!!!!!

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