It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website; I apologize.

Things have been very busy since I last posted. We sold our house in Maryland and moved to The Villages in Central Florida. We closed on our house at the end of November and stayed busy unpacking, settling in and meeting our wonderful neighbors. Rick was supposed to retire at the end of January, but he was asked to stay for another couple of years. The plus was that he could work from home (Florida & Michigan). At the beginning of May, it was time to migrate up North to Michigan for the next 5 months.

Rick had a business trip to Germany/Austria in June, so obviously I went with him. We went to Munich and Modling, Austria and had a great time. I even got in a Culinary Class in Vienna & learned to make with Swiss version of Schnitzel and Strudel.

Here are some highlights from Munich:

Moving on to Modling & Vienna Austria!!

Took pictures of architecture, catacombs, and of coure

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